Cherries from the Heart
Fresh kelowna Cherries - U-Pick
Cherries from the Heart
Fresh kelowna Cherries - U-Pick
Cherries from the Heart
Fresh kelowna Cherries - U-Pick
Cherries from the Heart
Fresh kelowna Cherries - U-Pick
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Closed For The Season


* Note: this season will be an extremely light crop, and things will go fast (including shortened and unreliable hours/dates for picking) 

Your summer visit to the Okanagan is not complete until you’ve had a chance to pick your own cherries. This summer, spend a day in our orchard picking cherries from the heart, in the heart of the Okanagan. 

The Kempf family’s orcharding tradition dates back to 1966. Thank you, everyone, for continuing to make this a family-friendly u-pick cherry experience!


What to Know:

  • Cash or debit only
  • No reservations necessary
  • Admission is $3 per person
  • Pets not allowed in picking areas, but can be attended in pet rest areas
  • We have a maximum occupancy, so please expect wait times
  • We sell boxes/containers for $1 each, but feel free to bring your own
  • For your comfort, bring hats, sunscreen and appropriate footwear

Hours of Operation:

Hours During Cherry Season:

  • MondaySunday: 9:00AM3:00PM
  • Last entry is half-an-hour prior to closing, to allow time for picking
  • Hours may differ due to various circumstances

Now Available

Current varieties will appear here:

Coming Soon

Upcoming varieties will appear here:

Sold Out

Previous varieties will appear here:


Early season variety, mildly sweet but slightly tart, very firm, great size, and round-shaped. Best for fresh eating, canning, freezing and baking.


Early Yellow

Early season variety, sweet, low acid, mild flavour, and great size. This cherry is exclusive to our orchard! Best for fresh eating.



Midseason variety, sour and mildly sweet. Best for baking, cooking, canning, freezing, and (for the boldest of us) fresh eating.



Early season variety, moderately sweet but slightly tart, average size, medium firmness, and has a small pit. Best for fresh eating, canning, freezing, drying and baking.



Early season variety, sweet, great size, and medium firmness. Best for fresh eating, canning, freezing, drying and baking.



Midseason variety, low acid, very sweet, large, firm and crunchy. Most popular yellow variety, known for its fantastic flavour and attractive blush colour. Best for fresh eating.



Midseason variety, low acid, mild flavour, very sweet, large and firm. Not as mild as the Early Yellow, or as sweet as the Rainier. This is our largest yellow cherry! Best for fresh eating.



Midseason variety, sweet, large, firm, crunchy, and stores well (great for travelling). Best for fresh eating, canning, freezing, drying and baking.



Midseason variety, sweet, bold flavour, slightly larger and firmer than the Lapin. Becomes very dark in colour. Best for fresh eating, canning, freezing and baking.



End-of-season variety, moderately sweet but tart, extremely firm, average size, and heart-shaped. Has a distinct plum-like flavour. Best for fresh eating and freezing.

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About Kempf Orchards

Kempf Orchards has a lot of tradition behind it, dating back to 1966. There are stories of hard work, good times, and a lot of love. Rather than us tell you about our orchard, here’s a story from a friend…

Kempf Orchards is a special place for us.

From the moment you first set foot on their orchard, Herb, Shelley, Kailyn and Andrew will be like family.

I spent a good part of my teenage summers here doing what you should be doing this summer – picking cherries!

Taking a tour through Kempf Orchards with owner Herb Kempf is like watching a great painter apply final touches to a masterpiece.

I followed Herb as he decided to cut the grass on a section of orchard before an anticipated rainshower.

Periodically, he’d stop the tractor to pick up a few dead branches too thick for the mower to mulch. Another few steps further, he’d reach into a tree to snap off a handful of sucker branches, or prop up a cherry-laden branch to expose it to the soon-expected sunshine. Every maturing cherry was treated with profound respect.

I asked him why cutting and clearing the grass or trimming out the suckers was so important.

The bottom line is cleanliness, breathing room, light for the cherries and ensuring that visiting cherry pickers have a great experience when picking their own cherries. Herb and his family want nothing but the best for their guests – no tall wet grass to wade through, no obstacles to stumble over and nothing to distract from the awesome cherries waiting to be harvested.

Winery tours, boating, water-skiing and everything else about Kelowna pales in comparison to spending time in the orchard picking fruit.

This is the heart of the Okanagan. Take the time to experience it!

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